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Will this bag work with my cart?

There are Gripngaff bags for many of the carts professionals use. There are Gripngaff bags for all RocknRoller carts, JamStand carts plus Magliner Jr. and Kartmaster HD 500.

There are GripnGaff bags available for:

There are descriptions in the Gripngaff store to help you decide. When in doubt, measure the handle of your cart - width and height from ground. That information is on the product pages for each model. We also make custom bags for those of you with other brands of carts. Please contact us at


How much will a GripnGaff bag hold? (Alternate - how much weight will it carry?)

With thousands of GripnGaff bags working around the world, no one has found a weight limit yet. GripnGaff bags are 13.25 inches in diameter, except for the Jumbo model which is 16 inches in diameter.  

GripnGaff Bag Version 2.0 - Tame Your Gear GripnGaff Bag Version 2.0 - Tame Your Gear!GripnGaff Bag Version 2.0 - Tame Your Gear!


Can I use my shelf with the Gripngaff bag?

All GripnGaff bags have holes in the handle sleeve that allow you to use your shelf with your bag.


GripnGaff Bag Version 2.0 with shelf


When I order a bundle do the cart and the bag ship together?

No, the bag and the cart ship from separate locations. We will send you tracking numbers for both.


I don’t live in the USA, how can I buy the GripnGaff bag?

We offer UPS shipping worldwide.


Do you sell carts or bundles (cart + bag) outside the US?

No, we only sell the GripnGaff bag outside the US. To buy carts look for a local distributor.


When I put C-stands in the bag, they lean over and seem like they will fall out. What can I do?

Operator Error! You should use the same care loading the GripnGaff bag as you use to load your cart.  You wouldn’t put soft round objects first on your cart, and then place large rectangle objects on top of them, because they would fall off. When loading your bag, load larger, shorter objects in your bag first, then C-stands and tall objects. And then use the cinch strap to hold everything upright.


When I unloaded my cart the weight of my gear in the GripnGaff bag tipped the cart over. What can I do?

Operator Error! Unload the bag first.


Sometimes the hard bottom on my bag flips up. What can I do?

The bottoms are removable for customers who don’t want to use them. If you are using the bottom, make sure it’s in place after you put the GripnGaff bag on the cart.

Version 3.0 bags feature a new, improved bottom with Velcro so this won't happen.


I'd like to distribute GripnGaff in my country. How do I go about it?

Contact us at We'll make it easy for you :-)

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